Parco Naturale dell'Alta Valle Antrona


29/Centopiedi - Valle Antrona

13 itineraries to discover Valle Antrona

In this patch of the Alps, nature has shaped the territory in a particular way; first, the great folding of the Alps has led to the sudden raising on rocks very different one from the other and on oceanic rocks, then the big glaciation has led to the formation of basins and the shaping of walls, without leaving big morainic deposits, and then the luxuriant vegetation has covered small spaces and terraces until the area became an isolated, harsh, and wild valley... These and other adjectives are used in the mountain literature to define Valle Antrona. Adjectives describing a valley preserving, more than other in the Alps, a still intact natural environment whose signs of the human presence are, all in all, moderate.
  • Series: Centopiedi / 29
  • Author/s: Renato Boschi
  • Publisher: Danilo Zanetti Editore
  • ISBN: 9788895302751
  • Pages: 96
  • Size: 11x16cm
  • Year: 2012
  • Price: 6.00 €  
29/Centopiedi - Valle Antrona
29/Centopiedi - Valle Antrona
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